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St. Nicholas Church

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Our Team

Revd. Paul Copley

I'm Paul Copley, I'm a Father of three children, although they're not really children now! I've been married to my wife, Linda, for nearly forty five years.


I used to work as an aircraft engineer, working in the aerospace industry for over twenty years before I responded to God's call to the ordained ministry.


I became a Vicar because I had a passion to see people come into a living relationship with Jesus; to see peoples' lives transformed.


I was ordained at York Minster in 1999 and started working in St. Nicholas Church in 2007. We are working towards a transformation at St. Nicholas that does not start and end with bricks and mortar.


The church is not the building, it's the people inside it which make it into a real community. We are keen to build on that sense of community here which is open to everyone, of all ages and backgrounds.

Multiply Minister:

Rev'd Jenni Forman.

There are hundreds of people who make up our Church and community, but there are also a few who perform special roles.

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Knowing Jesus and making Jesus known.

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