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Q: Can we get married in St. Nicholas even if neither of us are in the parish?

A: If you have a special connection to the church, present or past, it is not impossible but there would need to be a connection to the church.

Before you get in touch, here are some frequently asked questions.

Q: We live in St. Nicholas parish but want to marry elsewhere, is this ok?

A: You need to book your marriage elsewhere. Once you've done that we need your details as your banns of marriage must be read out in your own parish.

Q: We both live in different parishes, which one can we marry in?

A: Any! You can get married in either of your parishes, or as mentioned above, any church where you have a connection.

Q: Do you have any facilities for wedding receptions?

A: Yes. We have an commercial standard kitchen which caterers can use and you can apply for a one day license to serve alcohol. Please see our Hall bookings page for more information.

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